Hell Extinguishers stars a redhead named Lilith, and a squad of redheads equipped from the Devil themselves with fire-extinguisher-like weapons called ‘Hell Extinguishers’ to fight a sudden onslaught of various demons; from a water-poisoning saber toothed rabbit, to a demonic half-flesh-half robot car loving billionaire, and a brain eating virus turing the towns people into super speedy zombies, will they be able revive the dying, literally sinking town of Spoonsville?

Hell Extinguishers was originally pitched as an animatic in 2018, re-pitched as a stop motion show and eventually a webtoon-styled webcomic in 2020, and revamped with a new pilot with additonal characters and more interconnected story in 2021. The ‘re-pitch,’ “Cookie’d Dog,” is available to read, as well as the storyboards for the new pilot webcomic. 



View Character sheets for Hell Extinguishers here. 

Hell Extinguishers is currently on hiatus.