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EMZARK aka Emma Ozark works with a wide range of animated storytelling, from comics, storyboards, stop motion animation,  2D animation, character design, and illustration. 
They have a BFA in Studio Art with a Comics concentration from University of Wisconsin-Stout.

They enjoy manipulating the comic format through incorporating book art, stop motion animation, projection, website formatting, and sculpture. Their stories explore underrepresented relationships of alienation between characters and the world. Their work has been featured in multiple exhibitions and publications in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 


Educated in traditional and digital modes of comic illustration, character design, photography, and 2D and Stop Motion Animation. Familiar with the Adobe Suite (notably Photoshop, Premiere, Animate) Clip Studio Paint, Dragonframe 4, Storyboard Pro, and TV Paint.  

Available for Work or Commission for any of the following jobs:

-Character Designer
-Background Designer
-Comics Artist/Inker/Colorist
-Stop Motion Animator
-2D Animator
-Storyboard Board Artist
-Cover/Advertisement Illustration/Photography
-Children’s Book Illustrator