︎Portfolio of Books, Zines and Illustrations︎

Portfolio of Emma Ozark
I frequently collaborate with my partner Jon, and works we have collaborated on or that he wishes to sell at Autopic have been featured in this portfolio. 
Contact: em.ozark@gmail.com

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︎Samples of my Past and Current Book Projects︎


These are some samples of my current book projects, to be completed by and sold at Autopic. 

  ‘Untitled Bike Memoir’ 2024

An in progress memoir in graphite and colored pencil about a bike trail I frequented and took photos of for 6 years, and how the space has changed over the years. It is still in progress but will be completed by Autopic. It is part of my series about biking with my brother. 

‘Tall Bike: Liminal Evening’,’ 2021

Tall Bike Liminal Evening is a 14-paqe collection of 11 monotype prints. Here is one of the accordian books on display at my comics exhbition. The prints are inpsired by screenshots of a video call with my brother in which he directly streamed his bikeride to me. I interpreted the ride through the disorted phone call through monotype. Inidudvual prints from the book will also be sold at Autopic. 

‘Diondra and The Big Button Moment’ 2024

A short silly comic featuring characters from my ‘Diondra’ series. It has a few pages left but is nearly complete.

‘The Invitation’ and New Story

2022-23, 8 Pages (16 when completed) 
The Invitation is a saphhic love story about a woman who uses magic to turn water into plants prepares for a date. The comic, orginally designed for web and can be read on by website, I am redrawing with extra scenes and reprinting as an accordian book (to maintain the unique blend of tradional comic and scroll
format) with ‘The Invitation’ on one side and a new story with the same characters on the other side.

‘Artbook about my Characters’

I have been working on a comic for a long time featuring my two characters, of whom I have also drawn a lot of art and mini comics of. I am working on collecting these comics and artwork into a limited artbook where I talk about my characters and process. Below is some of the artwork that would be featured. It will be a combination of finished pieces and sketches with text. 

‘Ghost Prints’, 2022

Ghost Prints is a surreal 60 page completed memoir about having deja vu four times over a short span of time while dealing with the stresses of being a student, COVID, and caught in between family troubles. It’s name comes from the effect of drawing on newsprint, wherein the light from the scan caused the “Ghost Prints” of the previous pages to shine through. It will be reprinted with a new introduction contextualizing the comic for Autopic.





2021, 8 pages 
A memory recalling riding with my brother on his first, neon orange iteration of his homemade Tall Bike, with a handcolored bike on the last page of each zine.

‘Cats From Paintings Cat Shelter’ 

What if I worked at a cat shelter where all the cats were from old paintings? Includes a little historical featurette about what paintings each cat is from. 9 Pages, 2022. 

There Will Be Blood Zine

In progress - An adaption of the first scene of the PTA film ‘There Will Be Blood’ into a comic with colored pencil. The first part of a zine series I am working on exploring scenes from films I like with the shortform comic format utilzing different mediums. 2023-24, 8 Pages. 


Previous zine fest attendents were disappointed my joke idea for a zine was not made a reality. Be disappointed no more! Now you can know the top 15 egg characters, all with nice little brush pen illustrations. The top three get their own separate zine when you flip it inside out. One of my sillier zines, made in 2024, 16 Pages. 

︎Zines By My Partner, Jon︎

My Partner and I collabroate on a lot of projects, and sell zines together. Here is some of her work. 


A cute, fun zine about an increasing amount of ducks playing in various situations.
2024, 8 pages. 


An informative zine with various facts about the famed goat Baphomet. Comes in fun colors. 2024, 8 pages.

Samples of Prints and Other Merch we would Sell

My partner and I have been designing various prints, buttons and keychains of original and fanworks that we intend to sell at Autopic and other events.