This is a project that is still a work in progress,
and opens in the middle of a scene. 

In additon, the lead in pages to the animation were cut
from six to two, hence why they are a bit dense. 

The animations were completed all a little over a week
and the story was devolped over a few months.

The scene: in a company town,a nurse named Dee returns to her apartment to find her roommate, Diondra, once again engaging in illegal activity. Xey are growing lettuce (food is always to be provided from the company) and wearing striped socks (a violation of work and home attire codes).  Dee rips out the plants, and Diondra, upon returning home is not happy about their disposal.

The comic explores tensions of betrayal and confrontation at the interpersonal level in this chapter, and beyond that, this conflict expands to the institutional level as the ongoing conflict between the workers’ union of the town and the company heats up.


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