THE TALL BIKE - A memory recalling riding with my brother on his first, neon orange iteration of his homemade Tall Bike, with a handcolored bike on the last page of each zine. By: Emz

The INVATATION - A woman who uses magic to turn water into plants prepares for a date; A short lesbian love story. By: Emz and Jon 

FUN FACTS ABOUT BAPHOMET - An informative zine with various facts about the famed goat Baphomet. Comes in fun colors. By: Jon 

TOP 15 EGG CHARACTERS - previous zine fest attendents were disappointed my joke idea for a zine was not made a reality. Be disappointed no more! Now you can know the top 15 egg characters, all with nice little brush pen illustrations. The top three get their own separate zine when you flip it inside out. By: Emz

CATS FROM PAINTINGS CAT SHELTER - What if I worked at a cat shelter where all the cats were from old paintings? Includes a little historical featurette about what paintings each cat is from. By: Emz 


There Will Be Blood Zine - An adaption of the first scene of the PTA film ‘There Will Be Blood’ into a comic with colored pencil. The first part of a zine series I am working on exploring scenes from films I like with the shortform comic format utilzing different mediums. By: Emz 

ONE DUCK: A DUCK ZINE - A cute, fun zine about ducks playing in various situations. By: Jon 


Emz and Jon are a butch wlw couple living in Saint Paul who make comics and zines together. and really want to table at future zine festivals

Emma “Emz” Ozark 
She/Any pronouns 
Emz has a BFA in Comics and has been making comics since birth. She makes work inspired by her experiences with disability and films. She has a practice mixing comics, illustrations, and stop motion animation. 
  He/she/it pronouns 
Jon has been doing art on the side while pursuing a Marriage and Family Therapy degree and has been drawing animals and creatures since getting a Magnadoodle as a toddler.